Jordan Eudine

Born in the old » capital of ruins », Saint-lô, I am a pure product of Normandy!

After hearing stories about D-Day throughout my childhood, I developed a special interest in World War II.

After graduating from High School, I decided to study foreign languages at the University of Caen to perfect my knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture.

In 2013, I moved from the Norman farmland / the hedgerow countryside to the island of Malta. This little rock in the middle of the Mediterranean sea gave me the taste for exchange and intercultural sharing, characteristic for the profession as a tour guide. Passionate and a real history buff, it is in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, near Dunkirk, that I obtained my professional diploma as a Guide Lecturer.

Malta, then the North of France, attracted me to the « Sleeping Beauty », the city of Bordeaux, in the vineyard country of France, where I guided by bike among the prestigious wine chateaux!

And yet … The sun of the Southwest did not convince me to give up the land of the Vikings and most importantly the one of my grandparents. Adolescents in 1944, they escaped the bombing of Saint-Lô and sadly experienced the Exodus during the summer of 1944. It’s this family story I came to find in Normandy and want to share with you…